Category A

Conference/Seminar/Webinar Attendance/Self-Study


Participation in a conference, lecture, workshop, or professional development session provided by an association/society or an industry recognized provider of professional development (manufacturer, internal training, etc.)

Earn credits for self-directed learning activities which are individualized learning events involving personally conducted research or study. Any journal, book, or magazine with appropriate content not older than 3 years may be used.

Learning may include informal activities such as:

  • reading articles, books, or instructional manuals;
  • watching videos, using interactive CD-ROMs, podcasts or other source material

Documentation Required:

  • Certificate of attendance/certificate of completion
  • Evidence supporting your reported learning project, including notes from and dates of discussion or reading

Points Awarded: 0.2 points / contact hour

Max Allowable: Unlimited

Category B

Professional Speaking/Teaching


Speaking/Presenting at an educational program or a meeting of an international, national, regional, local, or state professional association, society or university. This category only applies to speaking/presenting outside usual job duties.

Documentation Required:

Letter from the organization for which you spoke/taught or copy of conference book/final program/agenda/course schedule indicating the session.

Points Allowed: 0.4 points / contact hour

Max Allowable: 2 points

Category C

Formal Publication of Articles or Books


Authoring a chapter in a published book or a peer reviewed journal.

Documentation Required:

1) Copy of the publication (or copy of applicable pages)
2) Copy of the decision letter from the publisher indicating acceptance

Points Awarded: 0.2 points / item

Max Allowable: 2 points

Category D

Publication of non-peer reviewed articles


Authoring a non-peer reviewed article or news item.

Documentation Required:

1) Copy of the publication (or copy of applicable pages)

Points Awarded: 0.1 points / item

Max Allowable: 2 points

Category E

Volunteer Service


Complete 1 or more years of volunteer service during the registration period with an international, national, state, or professional association/society/organization in which your registration specialty expertise is required.

Accepted volunteer activities include but not limited to:

  • serving on boards of directors, committees, editorial boards, review boards, and task forces
  • item and/or exam development activities

Documentation Required:

If volunteer services: letter or certificate from the organization served acknowledging you for leading project tasks or participating as part of a project team.

If coaching or mentoring services: evidence supporting your coaching or mentoring arrangement, including notes from and dates of discussion or reading.

Points Allowed: 0.2 points / year

Max Allowed: 1 point

Catergory F

Working as a professional


Working as a professional in SDS and Label Authoring where 40% of time spent on SDS / Label authoring or other hazard communication related activities during the year is required for each year of experience claimed
Other qualifying areas:

  • Quality Control Review of SDS/Label
  • Supervisor of SDS authors
  • Managing facility Hazard Communication Program
  • Classifying products for transport hazards
  • Managing dangerous goods transport programs

Documentation Required:

Proof of employment (job description, employment verification letter, etc.)

Points Awarded: 1 point / year

Max Allowable: Minumum of 2 points required, 5 points Max

Category G

Obtaining a related credential or graduate level degree


Obtaining a new, related credential or graduate level degree during the registration cycle.

Related credentials: CIH, DABT, CSP, CHMM, DGSA, NRCC Certified Chemist or other applicable credential

Related graduate level degree: MS or PhD in an ACS-Certified Chemistry Program or other applicable graduate level degree

Documentation Required:

Certificate/letter of achievement

Points Awarded: 2 points / credential

Max Allowable: 2 points

Supporting Documentation

Upload any/all documentation for the above renewal.

I have met the requirements for renewing my SDS and Label Authoring Registration by having a minimum 10 renewal points.  By submitting the SDS and Label Authoring Renewal Form I understand that any falsification of information, including any attachments or supplemental materials, provided now or later, may be cause for rejection or withdrawal of registration or such other action as the AIHA Registry Programs shall deem appropriate. I certify that the statements above (including any attachments submitted, now or later) are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize the AIHA Registry Programs to verify any information or supplements submitted.