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SDS and Label Authoring Registry - Renewal Options


There are two ways to maintain your SDS and Label Authoring Registered Professional credential.

1. Renewal

  • Obtaining and maintaining documentation of 10 renewal points over the 5-year registration cycle
  • Payment of a renewal fee - $100

2. Re-assessment

  • Maintaining registration through successfully retaking the examination (no renewal points submission required)
  • Payment of an assessment fee - $200
  • Remote proctoring​ available, additional $50 fee, to reduce travel cost

Renewal Scheme

​Categories ​Title ​Description ​Documentation Required ​Poin​ts Awarded ​​Max Allowable
​Category A ​Conference/Seminar/Webinar Attendance/ Self-Study ​Participation in a conference, lecture, workshop, or professional development session provided by an association/society or an industry recognized provider of professional development (manufacturer, internal training, etc.)​

​Earn credits for self-directed learning activities which are individualized learning events involving personally conducted research or study. Any journal, book, or magazine with appropriate content not older than 3 years may be used.

Learning may include informal activities such as:​
  • reading articles, books, or instructional manuals;
  • watching videos, using interactive CD-ROMs, podcasts or other source material
​Certificate of attendance/certificate of completion

Evidence supporting your reported learning project, including notes from and dates of discussion or reading​
​0.2 points / contact hour ​Unlimited​
​Category B ​Professional Speaking/Teaching ​Speaking/Presenting at an educational program or a meeting of an international, national, regional, local, or state professional association, society or university. This category only applies to speaking/presenting outside usual job duties. ​Letter from the organization for which you spoke/taught or copy of conference book/final program/agenda/course schedule indicating the sessiona ​0.4 points / contact hour ​2 points
​Category C ​Formal Publication of Articles or Books ​Authoring a chapter in a published book or a peer reviewed journal ​Copy of the publication (or copy of applicable pages) Copy of the decision letter from the publisher indicating acceptance​ ​0.2 points / item ​2 points
​Category D ​Publication of non-peer reviewed articles Authoring a non-peer reviewed article or news item Copy of the publication (or copy of applicable pages)
​0.1 points / item ​2 points
​Category E ​Volunteer Service ​Complete 1 or more years of volunteer service during the registration period with an international, national, state, or professional association/society/organization in which your registration specialty expertise is required.

Accepted volunteer activities include but not limited to:
  • serving on boards of directors, committees, editorial boards, review boards, and task forces 
  • item and/or exam development activities.
​If volunteer services: letter or certificate from the organization served acknowledging you for leading project tasks or participating as part of a project team.

If coaching or mentoring services: evidence supporting your coaching or mentoring arrangement, including notes from and dates of discussion or reading.
​0.2 points / year​ ​1 point
​Category F ​Working as a professional ​Working as a professional in SDS and Label Authoring where 40% of time spent on SDS / Label authoring or other hazard communication related activities during the year is required for each year of experience claimed.

Other qualifying areas:
  • Quality Control Review of SDS/Label-Supervisor of SDS authors
  • Managing facility Hazard Communication Program
  • Classifying products for transport hazards
  • Managing dangerous goods transport programs
​Proof of employment (job description, employment verification letter,  etc.) ​1 point / year ​Minimum of 2 points required

5 points Max​
​Category G ​Obtaining a related credential or graduate level degree ​Obtaining a new, related credential or graduate level degree during the registration cycle.

Related credentials: CIH, DABT, CSP, CHMM, DGSA, NRCC Certified Chemist or other applicable credential
Related graduate level degree: MS or PhD in an ACS-Certified Chemistry Program or other applicable graduate level degree
​Certificate/letter of achievement ​2 points / credential ​2 points