The following list laboratories/organizations seeking partners for a fiber counting round robin programs is maintained by the AIHA Registry Programs® in order to assist our participants in organizing these programs. The AIHA Registry Programs® does not assist in developing procedures for the rounds.  The AIHA Registry Programs® has not reviewed and does not endorse any program organized by the laboratories/organizations on this list.

If you wish to be included on the list, please email​ your Lab/Organization Name, Location, Contact Name, Contact Phone Number, and Contact Email with the subject line “Fiber Counting Round Robin.”   Listing on this page is purely voluntary.  One does not have to be in the AAR or in any AIHA PAT or AIHA-LAP, LLC program to be on the list.  Be sure to contact the AIHA Registry Programs® if you are no longer seeking partners for your program, so that your information can be removed.

Contact the laboratory/organization directly to determine if there is availability in their program.


Updated 8/7/19

 State /  Country 

 City   Laboratory / Organization Name  Contact   Phone  Email  Date Posted
AK  Anchorage  Platt Environmental Inc.  Regina Woods (907) 222-2974 4/30/2007
AK  Anchorage  White Environmental Consultants  Bobby Carroll (907) 258-8661 10/29/2007
CA  San Diego  SCS Engineers  Cristobal Ramirez (858) 571 5500 x 243  10/8/2014
CO  Golden  Foothills Environmental, Inc.  Andre Gonzalez  (303) 232-2660  8/18/2009
CT  North Haven  Chemscope, Inc.  Suzanne  Cristante (203) 865-5605 4/4/2007
ID  Boise  PBS Engineering + Environmental  John Price (208) 344.3539  6/8/2010
IL  Warrenville  True North Consultants, Inc.  Mike Brennan (630) 717-2880 5/27/2008
IL  Westmont  JMS Environmental Associates  John Aschbacher (630) 655-8500  4/17/2009
​MA ​ Sutton ​ A1 Spectrum Services Robert Gravallese ​ (781) 820-1523 ​​  2/11/2019​
MN  St. Louis Park  Angstrom Analytical, Inc.  Charles Tye (612) 865-2020 6/11/2007
MO  Kansas City  Titan Environmental Services  Karla Granger (816) 561-0959 3/18/2014
NJ ​ Lyndhurst The Saban Engineering Group, Inc. ​ Stephen Pharai ​(201) 299-7710 ​​​ 8/7/2019
OH  Groveport  American Electric Power- Dolan Chemical  Laboratory  Ralph L. Evick (614) 836-4215 8/6/2008
PA  Bensalem  Criterion Laboratories  Garret Vliet 1-215-244-1300 x28  10/22/2009
PA  Pittsburgh  Professional Services Industries, Inc.  Cathy McNamee (412) 922-4000 X 286 4/4/2007
PR  Ponce  Altol Environmental   (787) 430-6141   4/9/2014
PR  Barranquitas  Environmental Air Analytics, Inc.  Nivia I. Torres (787) 854-9503  10/5/2007
PR  San Juan  Environmental Health & Safety Services  Jesus Rodriguez (787) 855-1901  5/14/2007


Fiber-Counting Round Robin Re​ferences 

The following documents may are provided to aid an organization in development of a Fiber-Counting Round Robin program.

Fiber-Counting Round Robin R​egulations and AAR Requirements 

AAR Policy, Article II​

2.3.8 Round-Robin Participation

Organizations shall participate, at least semiannually, in a round-robin airborne fiber counting program with at least two other separate organizations in accordance with the most current edition of the AIHA Laboratory Quality Assurance Manual, Chapter 11, and the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1001 Appendix A.

Participation in the AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Programs, LLC Industrial Hygiene Proficiency Analytical Testing (IHPAT) program for asbestos in air or Asbestos Analysts Testing (AAT) proficiency program does not count toward meeting this requirement. Procedures in the quality manual or SOP shall demonstrate how the field analysts participate in the round-robin program. The results of the round-robin shall be evaluated statistically. If there is a discrepancy concerning a sample or samples, a recount shall be conducted to rectify the problem.  Corrective action shall be taken whenever round-robin results are outside acceptance limits. Results from the two latest rounds of round-robin participation with evidence of statistical evaluation of the results shall be submitted with the organization application. Round-robin samples shall be analyzed by the same procedure as that used for field samples, in accordance with approved methodology.  

NIOSH 7400 Meth​od

CALBRATION AND QUALITY CONTROL section, step 15: All laboratories engaged in asbestos counting should participate in a proficiency testing program such as the AIHA-NIOSH Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) Program for asbestos and routinely exchange field samples with other laboratories to compare performance of counters.

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1001 Appendix A

Quality Control Procedures section step 2.a.:  Interlaboratory program. Each laboratory analyzing asbestos samples for compliance determination shall implement an interlaboratory quality assurance program that as a minimum includes participation of at least two other independent laboratories. Each laboratory shall participate in round robin testing at least once every 6 months with at least all the other laboratories in its interlaboratory quality assurance group. Each laboratory shall submit slides typical of its own work load for use in this program. The round robin shall be designed and results analyzed using appropriate statistical methodology.​​​​​​​