The AIHA Registry Programs does not develop, administer or approve training courses.  As a service to our applicants and registrants, we maintain a listing of independently developed educational offerings.  Applicants and registrants should contact the course provider directly to enroll in training.  

Independent course providers should contact the AIHA Registry Programs staff at with any questions about the course listing process as described below. 

AIHA Registry Programs Reviewed NIOSH 5​​82 Equivalency Courses​

The AIHA Registry Programs does not endorse or recommend any specific NIOSH 582 equivalency course. However, since the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) discontinued its offering of the NIOSH 582 course for Sampling and Evaluating Airborne Asbestos Dust, it has become increasingly difficult to find the equivalency course that is necessary for PCM analysts to comply with OSHA regulations. 

In an attempt to aid analysts in finding NIOSH 582 Equivalency courses in their area, the AIHA Registry Programs offers to maintain a list of courses whose course outline, training materials and reference documents, equipment, instructors' qualifications, certificate and final examinations have met the AIHA Registry Programs' requirements for a NIOSH 582 Equivalency course. These requirements have been determined by the AIHA Registry Programs and are not endorsed by NIOSH. The requirements are detailed in the NIOSH 582 Equivalency Course Requirements for Listing document below. Course review and recommendation for listing is determined by an AIHA Registry Programs' staff reviewer.   

Analysts, organizations or laboratories seeking AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC accreditation or Asbestos Analysts Registry (AAR) registration are not required to attend courses reviewed by AIHA Registry Programs. However, the AAR policies (Article II, Section 2.2.2) and the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC policies (Module 2B, Section 2B.5.1.2) allow for a certificate of completion from an listed course to be acceptable as evidence of NIOSH 582 equivalent training. 

Organizations, analysts or laboratories, seeking application approval in the AAR or laboratory accreditation, submitting a certificate of completion for a NIOSH 582 equivalent training course, not on the list of AIHA Registry Programs reviewed NIOSH 582 equivalent courses, are required to submit a description of the course as evidence of equivalent training. The description must include dates of training, course outline, contact hours, and record of examination.

​Course Providers: List Your Course

To have your organization's course reviewed and listed as an AIHA Registry Programs reviewed NIOSH 582 Equivalent course, please submit the completed application below. A fee for processing your application, as defined on the final page of the application, is required at the time of application submission. 

Upon successful completion of the review of your course materials, you will receive notification and your course will be included on the web list. This approval process is available for both commercial and in-house courses. 

Note, listing by the AIHA Registry Programs does not give the provider any specific rights to provide their course. Listing by the AIHA Registry Programs is not an endorsement of a specific course, however listing only indicates that the course outline, training materials and reference documents, equipment, instructor qualifications, certificate and final examinations, provided to the AIHA Registry Programs, meets the requirements detailed our requirements document and is considered by the AIHA Registry Programs to be equivalent to the NIOSH 582 course.  These requirements have been determined by the AIHA Registry Programs and are not endorsed by NIOSH.  The AIHA Registry Programs do not have any authority over the requirements of a NIOSH 582 course or its equivalent.  We are not authorized by NIOSH to approve courses nor is our review sponsored or recognized by NIOSH.  We provide a review of NIOSH 582 Equivalent courses as a service to the fiber-counting analysts who participate in our programs.  Our goal is to help analysts locate courses that will provide them education in the Sampling and Evaluating Airborne Asbestos Dust that is equivalent to the original NIOSH 582 course.  Your course will not be recognized as a NIOSH approved provider as a result of the AIHA Registry Programs review. 

Applications should be submitted electronically by uploading to our File Transfer web page, via email, or mailed to AIHA Registry Programs on a CD or USB drive.

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Course Review: Requirements and Application 

**A NIOSH 582 Equivalency course list that contains historical information for courses that are no longer offered or courses that did not respond to the triennial update is currently maintained as an internal document. As is a list of NIOSH 582 Equivalency courses that are in-house only or have request to not be listed on the website. If you have any questions regarding these lists please contact the AIHA Registry Programs.​​​​​​​​​​