Submit applications and forms electronically via upload to our File Transfer page or email; paper and fax submissions are subject to a higher fee.

All Forms are posted as PDF documents.  If you require a word version of these files, please email us.​

 Overview of the AAR Registration Process

Asbestos Analysts​​ Registry (AAR) Policy

The AAR Policy describes the quality system requirements that must be met for the organization, and its affiliated analysts, to qualify for registration. The registration process and policies for AAT participation are also included.

An organization should ensure that they can meet the requirements of the policy prior to submitting an application. 

  • AAR Polic​y (updated September 23, 2016, new logo; update due to Registry Portal launch coming soon) 

    • updated September 23, 2016, new logo
    • updated August 30, 2019
      • Correcred AIHA Registry Programs web links
      • Added clarification regarding Expedited Analyst enrollment.  Expedited enrollments may only start their enrollment with an AAT Retest round as of 2019.​​
      • Removed references to the AAT Data Entry Portal and replaced with Registry Portal/AAT Data Dashboard

AAR Organization Applica​tion

The AAR Application includes the forms for the application of the: Initial Organization, Triennial Organization, Initial Analyst and Re-enrollment Analyst applications.  Also included are forms to be used to Drop Analysts or Organizations from the program. 

  • AAR Application ​
    • updated September 23, 2016, new logo
    • updated April 3, 2019
      • ​Added analyst email address field to Form 8
      • Added clarification regarding Expedited Analyst enrollment to Form 8 and the instruction pages.  Expedited enrollments may only start their enrollment with an AAT Retest round as of 2019.​
    • ​updated August 30, 2019, corrected AIHA Registry Programs web links

AAR Analyst Application 

Completion of AAR Analyst ADD forms including the quality control information on Form 9 are required to add or re-enroll an analyst.  All attachments and requested information must be submitted for every analyst addition or re-enrollment.  The attachments must demonstrate the analyst's work with their current affiliated organization. Detailed instructions for completing and submitting the application are included in the AAR Analyst ADD Forms file. 

AAR Analyst​ Drop

To remove an analyst from your organization, complete and submit the AAR Analyst DROP form via email, fax or post.

AAR Organization D​rop 

To remove an organization and its affiliated analysts from the AAR program, complete and submit the AAR Organization Drop form via email or fax. 

AAR Chec​klists 

The following checklists will be used by your application's technical reviewer to determine the acceptability of your submission; provided for your reference.  

AAR Program Fee Schedule

The AAR Program Fee Schedule includes the fees and Enrollment Forms for the AAR program.  The Fee Schedule also includes the AAT Retest Order Form,  the AAT Stock Sample Order Form and the Credit Card Charge Authorization Form.