On April 29, 2019 NIOSH released a new issue of the NIOSH 7400 Method.  On June 14, 2019 a corrected version of the new issue was released.  Please be sure you are using the Issue 3 released on June 14, 2019 in your Quality System.  No mandatory changes were added to the new issue.

In the August 2019 issue of The Synergist, Matin Harper, formerly of NIOSH and co-author of the method, comemnted on the new issue and the changes to the method.  


Legacy organizations (those enrolled in the AAR program before January 2019), your organization ID number in our system now begins with "REG-".  It is acceptable to use either number, REG-123456 or 123456 can to reference your AAR participation.  Organizations joining the AAR from January 2019 forward will be assigned a 6-digit ID number.

Legacy analysts (those enrolled in the AAR program before January 2019) will have a 4-digit ID number.  Analysts enrolling in the AAR from January 2019 forward will be assigned a 6-digit ID number.  If an analyst re-enrolls in the program, but has been inactive for 5 years or more from January 2019, will be assigned a new 6-digit ID number.​​


The Asbestos Analysts Registry's Frequently Asked Questions page has recently been updated.  However, we are seeking your feedback on questions that you would like to see addressed on the FAQ page for future revision.   
  • What aspects of the program are confusing to you?
  • What was puzzling for you when you submitted your initial or last triennial application?
  • How can we help to make your participation easier?  ​
Please ensure that you have communicated any contact or address changes so that​ you do not miss any communications from us. Submit contact or address changes for your AIHA Registry Program participation via email.  Don't forget to include your organization ID number on the request.


Please review your current AAR program enrollment and drop any analysts who are no longer with your organization or no longer performing activities that require them to be registered.  The AAR Analyst Drop forms can be downloaded and submitted via fax, email or post.  If you would like a list of your currently enrolled analysts, email and we will send you one.


AAT Round 131 Retest
Order Form Due November 7, 2019
Samples Shipped ** November 8, 2019
Results Due November 29, 2019
​Results Posted ​December 13, 2019​​

AAT Round 132 ​​​​​​​​(Download Results Worksheet)​​​​
Samples Shipped December 2, 2019
Enrollment Deadline++

December 2, 2019
​Sample Receipt Date **
December 10, 2019
​Final Enrollment Deadline++

​December 31, 2019
Results Due January 10, 2020
Results Posted  January 24, 2020

AAT Round 132 Retest
Order Form Due February 7, 2020
Samples Shipped ** February 8, 2020
Results Due March 2, 2020
​Results Posted March 16, 2020

AAT Round 133
Samples Shipped March 2, 2020
Enrollment Deadline++

March 2, 2020
​Sample Receipt Date **
March 10, 2020
​Final Enrollment Deadline++

​April 1, 2020
Results Due April 10, 2020
Results Posted  April 24, 2020

AAT Round 133 Retest
Order Form Due May 8, 2020
Samples Shipped ** May 11, 2020
Results Due June 1, 2020
​Results Posted ​June 15, 2020
Download the year's AAT Deadlines and Instructions on the AAT page.
**Contact the AIHA Registry Programs if you do not receive your AAT samples by the Sample Receipt Date so that replacements can be sent.  Retest samples are mailed via Priority Mail and should be received 3-5 business days after the Samples Shipped date​. 
++Please contact us ​with any quesitons about enrollment dates or fees.


Your organization's invoice for it's 2019 participation in the AIHA Registry Programs’ Asbestos Analysts Registry (AAR) was mailed to your organization's AAR Billing Contact on February 5, 2019; invoices should be received within 10 business days. Please contact us at or (703) 846-0755 if you do not receive your invoice, need to change your participation or have any questions or concerns.  The 2019 AAR Program Fee Schedule details the fees for 2019.  Note the AAR Program Fee Schedule includes the Credit Card Charge Authorization Form that can be used to fax in your payment to our secure fax.

Reference and adhere to the payment instructions on the reverse side of the invoice when making payment.  Payment can be made via check or credit card.  AIHA Registry Programs offers a payment plan to our participants. If you are interested in setting up a payment plan for your 2019 annual participation fees you may contact Anthony Hodge

​2020 AAR Annual Participation invoices are expected to ship in January 2020.