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AIHA Registry Programs and Our International Strategy

As I enter my second full year at the helm of AIHA, I would like to introduce myself to our Registry customers and stakeholders.  It is an exciting time for AIHA’s Registries; 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year with the arrival of our newest program – the OHSMS Auditor Registry, anticipated to launch in March.  In addition, we launched a new version of the exam for the SDS Registry last fall and the AIHA Education team is hard at work developing supporting materials.

In my travels around the country to local sections, corporations, and allied association meetings, I reinforce the importance and significance of the AIHA Registry Programs.  Many folks are unaware of the importance of recognizing and credentialing qualified professionals who have achieved competency in a specialized IH/OH practice.  As a former chemical industry professional and CEO of two chemical trade non-profit associations, I maintain a broad network of colleagues with whom I reach out and promote the SDS as just one example of grassroots promotion.

In other matters, I am pleased with the progress being made by the AIHA Board to define and advance our new international strategy.  As part of our framework, there is a professional development component built-in that naturally includes expanding awareness and interest in all our Registry Programs globally. To help us focus the AIHA international lens, in the coming months we’ll be surveying a select number of professionals around the world to better understand global hiring patterns by geographic region.  Where are IH/OH professionals being hired, and what type of educational needs do they have? Would Registry Programs be of interest and value to them?  Once we analyze this data, we hope to have a clearer understanding of where we should focus our international efforts; we obviously can’t spread ourselves too thin given our limited resources, but we can make a difference in specific targeted regions and bring education to the next generation of IH/OH professionals.  Our Registry Programs can and should be integral to our international outreach.

If you’d like to participate in this survey, please drop me a line at  I’m always open to having a discussion about the AIHA Registries with you.


Lawrence Sloan, CAE

Chief Executive Officer, AIHA